Areas of activity

Pole Actor: Act – Gather – Relay

Because it is important for us to set an example, we regularly organize actions in the field in favor of nature and the environment, whether in terms of sorting, recycling, preservation of natural environments … In a constantly evolving world and faced with the ecological emergency facing humanity, our actions also aim to participate in maintaining the initiatives already carried out on a daily basis by many organizations by relaying them to our members.

– Meet my own city: monthly meetings in a district of a city in the Ile de France for the collection of waste in the streets with the aim of raising awareness among the population about sorting and protecting their habitat.

– Laencit Recycle Fab: Recovery, sorting and reuse of materials from all types of companies and institutions.


Trainer Pole: Teach – Raise awareness – Pass on

Today, despite the crisis and the acceleration of virtual exchanges, the need to unite around a cause, an idea, a desire, a passion remains very strong. Laencit also organizes debates meetings to share, motivate yourself, get out of your isolation, find freedom and meaning in a free structure, where there is a place for individual valuation, creativity and self-realization as a source of personal and collective development.

– Sensitization and education of young children with support for the acquisition of new consumption behaviors through cultural and artistic expression workshops (dance, writing, production of short films and documentaries, exhibitions, etc.).

– Debate meetings around reference films and documentaries, and authors on the themes of the environment, nature, language, art, and culture, showing the synergies between all these themes.

– Business team building workshops: awareness of material, material and energy savings, recovery practices, recycling by taking a detour through art.


Mediator Pole: Support – Encourage – Inform

Continuously informing about current trends in environmental and ecological matters, enforcing environmental and nature law, enabling the sustainable development of a territory, these are the missions of the Laencit mediation center.

– Promotion of concerted land or environmental management projects, involving the active participation of several interest groups (companies, institutions, associations, local authorities, users and inhabitants …).

– Organization of exchange meetings between the population and its representatives, project leaders and local authorities in order to facilitate dialogue, prevent conflicts or even resolve an existing conflict.

– Encourage business leaders to take the environment into account in their strategic decisions and in their day-to-day management.