Who are we

LAENCIT – Language Art Environment Nature Civilization Initiative Earth

The association mobilizes its skills around five major action programs: Language, Art, Environment, Nature and Culture through exchange, education, teaching, awareness and organization cultural, artistic and environmental actions and events in France and abroad.

We want to reconcile man with nature. This is why with LAENCIT an important place is given to each action in its natural influence, in particular by the creation of a virtuous circle where man relearns to live in harmony with his environment and participates in collective and individual well-being.

LAENCIT is a non-profit association under the 1901 law. The geopolitical (climate, migratory movements, wars, political changes, etc.) and technological changes (increase in means of transport, internet, speed of communication, etc.) in recent decades have opened up our eyes to globalization. Borders have never been so close. We are all interconnected and interdependent and yet all unique. Language is useful for communicating and overcoming barriers. What would it be without taking into account the social and cultural dimension? And all this while respecting nature and our common environment. Furthermore, the environment cannot be separated from cultural practices. Language, Art and Culture as tools for raising awareness and protecting the environment and nature


Citizenship – Trust – Ecology – Commitment – Equity – Ethics – – Interculturality – Responsibility

Our challenges

Raise public awareness of the place of man in his environment
Provide information to overcome prejudices related to new ecological alternatives
Promote eco-responsible consumption practices
Strengthen sorting management procedures
Relaying initiatives in France
Support and encourage environmentally friendly projects